God's Word

God’s Word – A never failing remedy

The answer to everything we ever need in life can be found in God’s Word, including healing.

The Bible, the written Word of God is life and health to all our flesh; it is a light to our pathway, and a never failing remedy in every situation and circumstance.

Isaiah 7:9 …if ye will not believe ye shall not be established. The Greek word for “established” means to be steadfastly set, to strengthen, or to fix immovably.

All believers should seek to establish and strengthen their Christian faith and walk with God. The number one way that we strengthen and establish our faith and walk with God is through the diligent study of the Bible, God’s Word to man.

The Bible is God’s inspired love letter to man, revealing His will, nature, character, plans and purpose to man. God and His Word are one. God watches over His Word to bring it to pass in the lives of those who are abiding in Him and in His Word.

The Word is the believer’s spiritual food, having final authority for faith, doctrine conduct, and life.

Our attitude towards the Word determines and reveals the place that we allow God in our lives. If we get lazy with the Word, then we get lazy with our faith, in so doing we become weak, ineffective in our faith, and have very little resistance to the enemy.

The Bible is anointed, impregnated with the power of God. The Word of God reigns supreme, it will never fade or pass away.

The following steps are vital before a believer can reap a mighty harvest of the wonderful blessings and promises in God’s Word.

1.  Firstly the Word needs to be sown, received and planted firmly in one’s heart.

2. Then the Word in the believer’s heart needs to be mixed with faith, trust, and believe.

3. The Word in our heart then needs to be watered by prayer (by praying the Word).

4. The then Word in us being mixed with faith needs to be released by our confession and confirmed by our corresponding actions.

Many people know what the Word say’s and have even memorized scripture (which is good and right) yet nothing “seems” to have happened in receiving from God. Why is this so? One of the main reasons is that the Word must go through the full process in order to germinate in our life and produce a harvest. The above four points are four spiritual principles in God’s Word that need to be applied in a believers life so that the Word in our heart is not stolen, corrupted with mixed seed, and is given time to germinate, to grow and producing a harvest.

It is only the Word in our heart that has been received, believed, mixed with faith, watered by prayer (praying the Word), released by our confession and confirmed by our corresponding action that will produce fruit in our lives.

Therefore the planting of God’s Word in our hearts is the most important thing that the believer will ever do for himself. I urge you not to become sidetracked from studying God’s Word, but to continue to be diligent student of God’s Word. May God’s Word grow in your heart, change your life and empower you to fulfill your destiny to the glory of God.


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Follow any reading plan, or a combination that suits your need.


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As you read the above scriptures, some of them may not seem real to you at first. It may even seem as though you really do not have what these scriptures say you have in Christ. But if you will begin to confess them with your mouth, because you do believe God’s Word in your heart, then it will become real to you (it is already real in the spirit realm).

It is always with the heart that man believes, and with the mouth he makes his confession unto. When we believe the Word in our heart and confess it with our mouth, then it becomes “real” to us in our heart and real in the physical realm. Faith’s confession creates realities.

Christians have been blessed with an inheritance in Christ; everything that Jesus Christ bought and paid for at Calvary belongs to the Christian now. Yet many Christians either don’t know what belongs to them or they don’t know how to receive and take possession of what is already theirs in Christ. They keep trying to “get” what already belongs to them. Few realize that faith takes hold of these promises and our confession creates the reality of what we believing for in our life as we stand on God’s Word. Therefore take time to diligently feed your spirit with the Word of God, faith will arise, and speak out God’s Word over your circumstances, God will arise and your circumstance will change.

 Mark 9:23

Jesus said to him,

“If you can believe all things are possible to him who believes.”


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