Values are beliefs or standards that guide our Christian lives. A value is something by which a person defines himself and his character. The values that we have embraced form the borders and set the standard that determines the quality of our Christian life. Our value systems are cognitive (learned) therefore we can change our value system to be more beneficial. Value systems, beliefs or standards form the framework within which a person chooses to make himself accountable to and which forms the very foundation for one’s decision making, choices, and behaviour, determining how we act and respond to everyday life, it affects our relationship with God and our relationship with people. Therefore as Christians our values are defined and based on the Bible, the Word of God.  Values are absolutes of truth that form the foundation of our Christian life, therefore values should never be compromised. 

At City Bible Church we highly esteem the following values that greatly equips the believer for successful Christian living and service. The following values are vital in order to achieve the purpose and vision of the church.

OUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD: Every church member’s personal relationship with God in Worship, Prayer and Bible study is of utmost importance. The greatest commandment is to love God with all our heart.

Mark 12:30 “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.' This is the first commandment.”

There can be no real love, worship, reverence and deep passion for God followed by obedience, giving Christ the pre-eminence in our life without a personal, fresh relationship and fellowship with God. The second greatest commandment is to love our neighbour. A Holy Spirit begotten climate of God’s love is that atmosphere which most readily meets all needs.

THE WORD: As believers we hold the Bible, the Word of God, as the full and final authority for faith, doctrine, conduct and life. Therefore at City Bible Church we aim to establish every believer in the Word.

THE HOLY SPIRIT: The presence, the gifts, the leading, and the empowering and equipping work of the Holy Spirit in our church service, in our worship and in the believers life is greatly treasured and respected.

FAITH: Without faith in action, a believer cannot please or receive anything from God. Every believer is encouraged to be established in faith, and to build up and use his faith to the glory of God.

CHRISTLIKENESS:  Every believer is called by God to grow, mature and to develop into Christlike maturity, into adulthood in his character, conduct, faith and Christian walk, being equipped to fulfil one’s destiny. Therefore the pursuit of Christlikeness, of conforming to the image and likeness of Christ is our great quest at City Bible Church. Walking in integrity and maintaining a right positive teachable attitude is also a vital part of Christlikeness.

WILLINGNESS & OBEDIENCE: Being willing and obedient to God, the Word, the Holy Spirit and to the upward call of God is the key to a happy, fulfilled and fruitful Christian life.

VICTORY: God called every believer to live a life of victory and triumph. Therefore at City Bible Church we aim to equip believers to live a life of victory to the glory of God.

MINISTRY:  God plants every believer in a local Church, where the believer can discover his gifts, talents, calling and ability and then be equipped and empowered to become of service to God. Touching others by using our gifts, talents and abilities that God gave us to bless, refresh, edify and to build up others. Every believer has been given spiritual gifts for service in the body of Christ, in fulfilling God’s calling, purpose and destiny. God saved us from something, for something. Serving in line with our gifting, for the good of the overall vision of City Bible Church.

PRAYER: Prayer is the believer’s spiritual oxygen, and is vital in maintaining a healthy relationship with God.

PRAISE AND WORSHIP: Worshipping God is our primary ministry as believers, and is pursued with biblical motivated zeal and offered in reverence with humility.

FELLOWSHIP: Building strong, healthy, loving, caring, enduring relationships within and without the congregation is an important part of living like Christ called us to walk.

STEWARDSHIP:  The believer is encouraged to be a good, faithful and just steward of all of life’s resources that God entrusted into one’s care, ranging from time management, to the gifts, talents, abilities, finances, and the giving of tithes and offerings, seeing these as being a blessing from God’s hand and therefore being a faithful, just steward of them.

COMMITMENT: Every believer is called not only to believe, but also to belong in a local body, and this takes commitment, loyalty, trustworthiness, faithfulness and being available.

FAITHFULNESS: Faithfulness has high priority by God and plays an important part in a believer’s life, and is always richly rewarded by God.

LOYALTY: Loyal to God, to the ministry and to the upward call.

THE FAMILY: The family unit has high priority, being held together and built by the principles of God’s Word.

INTEGRITY:  Walking in uprightness and honesty.

SELF DISCIPLINE:  A believer can only successfully win the war outside once he has won the war on the inside.

MAKING HIM KNOWN: Every believer is called to reach out to the people around him, touching people with the good news of the gospel, in so doing fulfilling the great commission.

RACIAL HARMONY: Ethnic diversity is respected; yet all believers are called to live and to abide by the values and virtues of the Kingdom of God, and to the principals of God’s Word, in the same manner no discrimination is made between male and female, both sexes have a valuable contribution to make to the body of Christ.

COMMITTED TO GROWTH:  Every believer should be dedicated to growth. Growing in his/her relationship with God, growing in the Word, growing in maturity, growing in his/her gifts, abilities and talents, growing in serving, growing in all things in God

RESPONSIBILITY / ACCOUNTABILITY:  Every believer is to take up the responsibility of being a Christian and be accountable for one’s actions and conduct. This brings spiritual growth to the believer.

These values present in every believer will greatly equip and enrich the believer’s life, empowering him to live a victorious Christlike Christian life and enhance one’s ability and effectiveness in touching people’s lives, and in accomplishing the goal and vision that God gave us to fulfil.